Citrix certified professional – Networking (Tips and tricks)

Here are some of the tips and trick to clear the CCP-N exam based on my and my colleagues experience  :

  1. Download the study guide from citrix website and also download the complete citrix netscalar documentation. I prefer to download it as pdf which will be preety fat of 5000 pages but then you can read it anytime and anywhere. All the questions would be coming from this big PDF and good thing is you can skip lots of topics.
  2. On citrix website, you can also enroll for some free course which will be good if it is your first day with citrix.
  3. If you already have access to citrix netscalar lab in your office, that is good. If not, then simply download the citrix netscalar VPX with 3 months free license and install it on your vmware or ESX. Hands-on is must. You will not be able to clear the exam without some hands-on. You only need a vmware player and a 64 bit laptop.
  4. By reading the documentation, you would be able to do most of the lab exercise without anyone’s assistance but still if you need help, check out at you tube or cbt-nuggets has a very cool start up course in netscalar.
  5. Do not use the brain dumps which many websites offer. The basic idea of taking exam will be lost  and I heard that no question actually appears from these brain dumps.
  6. Most of the questions in exam would be simple. You will be easily able to eliminate the wrong options to reach the right answer.
  7. The time would be more than sufficient in exam.
  8. Most of the questions would be direct without a confusing story in the back ground.
  9. Only about 4-5 questions on CLI commands.

All the very best for your exam and if you are still scared….remember, you can reach the right answer by eliminating the wrong options 🙂

I would love to hear the feedback from you and if you have any new tips for this exam 🙂